Efficient Well Delivery

Our state-of-the-art drillships and semi submersibles have a series of innovative feautures to enhance their flexibility to drill in both shallow and ultra-deep waters. Paired with our highly experienced and dedicates crews, they facilitate more Efficient Well Delivery.

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Efficient well delivery

Increase certainty

Reduce time

Reduce waste

Reduce emissions


High bandwidth provides
optimal flexibility

Increase certainty and reduce time with our floater fleet that has experience drilling in water depths ranging from 100m to 3,600m (345 ft to 11,800 ft)

On a foundation of safety & our values

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V-rigs: Ultra-deepwater

World record holders, with technical capabilities that increase certainty and reduce time of your operations.

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D-rigs: DP semis with
mooring capabilities

With the flexibility to operate both in DP and moored and a unique design, the D-rigs reduce time and reduce waste to ensure your next well is delivered efficiently.

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Efficient well delivery in action

Increase Certainty

We have the expertise needed to drill world records, given you the technical certainty that it will be done right the first time.                                                                              

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Reduce Emissions

With Energy Efficiency Insight installed on all floaters, we are able to reduce emissions based on data insights.                                                                                            

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Reduce Waste

Preparing for operations with CGX, our Performance Optimisation offerings ensured early engagement on the full well program and a head start to the campaign.

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